Friday, August 23, 2013

She's a Gift to Me by Singto Numchok

This song catches my ears when I heard it for the first time, it was composed by Singto Numchock, he is from Thailand a Ukelele Songwriter. To know more about him here is the link : Singto Numchok   

Now back on my track, this song catches my ears because of the melody and meaning of the song, I think Mr. Singto is inlove when he wrotes this one, when I heard this song I felt like I wanted to learn how to play a ukelele and going to sing it for my girlfriend but I already sing it to her through skype but no ukelele at that moment someday I'm going to play it and sing it just for her because she's a gift to me and I'm blessed and lucky to have my girlfriend :) and I hope you're done listening to song right now or if you aren't done yet please have a time to listen to this wonderful song you won't regret :)

and before anything else here is the lyrics so that you can sing while playing the song :)

You’re the one for me,
we go together like cookies & cream 
(You’re) So cute, 
the day I fell for you, 
I didn’t have a parachute 
If you’re feeling sick I’ll look after you
Entertain you when you’re feeling bored 
I’ll still love you back, 
in the future when you’re fat You will never ever feel ignored 
If you’re feeling down I will pick you up
I’ll take you out - we’ll hit the town in style 
(and) When you’re feeling stressed, I will do my best 
‘coz I’d do anything to make you smile


You give me, everything that a girl could give
(So) I give you, all the heart that I’ve got, (in return)
‘coz you’re my gift from heaven
and we’re living in the present
The present that I give to you
Baby I love you
Baby I love you
(There’s) no one above you
Baby I love you

If you drink too much, I will carry you home
As the tequila slammers hammer your head
(And) when you throw up your lunch I’ll hold your hair in a bunch,
give you Tylenol and take you to bed
‘coz you give me, everything that a girl could give
(So) I give you, all the heart that I’ve got, (in return)
‘coz you’re my girl from heaven
and we’re loving in the present
The present that I give to you


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flashing Factory Image of Nexus S GSM Jelly Bean

Note: This is only working on stock recovery no CWM installed or TWRP recovery and this tutorial is for STOCK ICE CREAM SANDWICH 4.0.4

 All you need is the following

1. Nexus S GSM
2. USB Drivers: Google them :)
3. Fastboot files: Download Here
4. Jelly Bean Factory Image :Download Here

 1) download all necessary files
 2) extract fastboot into a directory
 3) extract factory image and rename it and put .zip format (ex. it again and you will see the following files boot.img, recovery.img,system.img, userdata.img, bootloader, and radio.
 4) after put it in fastboot directory
 5) put your phone in you PC/Laptop
 6) enable USB debugging
 7) run command prompt and go to your fastboot directory
 8) make sure your devices is recognized: type adb devices
 9) then after do the following:
  * adb reboot bootloader
  * fastboot flash radio.img - this will flash the radio from factory images
  * fastboot flash system.img - this will flash system image
  * fastboot flash userdata.img - this will flash the userdata image
  * fastboot flash recovery.img - this will flash the stock recovery
  * fastboot flash boot.img - this will flash the boot image
  * fastboot erase cache - this will erase all the cache in your phone
  * fastboot reboot - wait for your phone to boot in homescreen

 10) HOLA! welcome to jelly bean update :) experienced the project butter of google :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

how to root your cherry magnum HD/ Ideos X6

First step: Replace original recovery with ClockWorkmod Recovery
1. Download ClockWorkMod Recovery
2. Put the device in download mode (Power+Vol Up) and connect to PC,
and the PC will recognize the device as Removable Disc/Storage open it and you will find FIH > Image folder and select recovery.img, copy it anywhere to your PC as backup just in case if anything go wrong
3. Replace recovery.img in 'image' folder with recovery.img inside the Clockworkmod Recovery v4.0.0.9 you download and extracted earlier
4. Disconnect device from PC, open up the battery and reboot.

Second step (DO FIRST STEP FIRST): Rooting the phone
1. Download Su and put it in sdcard (but don't put it in any folder)
2. Put the device in recovery mode (Power+Vol Up & Vol Down)
3. Select "install zip from sdcard" and select "Choose zip from sdcard" and search for 'Su' and click install.
4. Select "back" and click "reboot system now"

Visit here read more info and download some files needed to root :)

actually this rooting tutorial is a repost from Paarkhi in xda-developers. Hope it helps you a lot, happy rooting :)) anyway do it at your own RISK. :)