Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dennis Hong: Making a car for blind drivers

When I saw this video, I was amazed by the technology and Mr. Dennis Hong gave hope for the blinds to experience on how to sit and drive a car. I was thinking about the technology also that a car can drive on its own so why those blinds make themselves drive a car when a self car driving exist? one person comment just like what I thought then Mr. Dennis Hong answered this way "Besides freedom and independence, the reason why the blind wanted a car where they can 'drive' was to show the world that, with a little bit of technology, they can do things most other people can do. For me, this gives me a chance to inspire other researchers to look into the problem of developing technology for the blind. That being said, I think one would like a car where he/she can both drive and be driven, whether blind or sighted. Even if I purchase an autonomous car in the future, I am sure I will like to 'drive' it time to time, as it is a fun activity for me."

and here is the video guys.

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